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Limited Time Offer!
Looking for the guaranteed lowest rates for your Bail Bond Contract? This is the place.

Surety 3 Contract Rate Guarantee

Surety 3 will match or beat any General Agency and/or Insurer contract if you find a lower rate.

At Surety 3  we are confident that our rates will be the lowest. If you find any equivalent service cheaper at another surety, we will match the rate or beat it.

Simply let us know when you are applying or during the recruitment period. 

Please bring or send proof of the lower rate (contract) that is still in effect that you want Surety 3 to match or beat.

Rate Match requests cannot be completed on the phone or via e-mail without applying first.


Continuing Education Tuition Reimbursement Program 

Scholarship Program

Shrinkable (Adjustable Rate) contracts Rates
Risky Bail Bonds or High Risk Bail Bonds posting
How to Start a Bonding Business
We Buy your Bonds
Immigration Bonds
Transfer bonds
Cell phone tracking
Large Bond Approval
Timeshare house in the Dominican Republic
and the Bahamas with maid service.
Disney Timeshare with maid service.
Captira Analytical (Bail Agent Software) complimentary
Risk Management and Loss Prevention
Marketing Strategy and Support
Underwriting Training
Business and  Legal Counsel
Legal assistance with bail forfeitures and motions
and more!
We are investing in our agents
by offering:

Limited-Time Offers !

When you open a new BUF account with SURETY 3

There’s a $ minimum deposit amount required.


Bring over your Build up Fund or Start a New One with a Minimum deposit: $ 


Make the switch to a new buf account-with a minimum opening balance-and enjoy great offers including:

Why Choose Us
Our Services
Limited Time Offer!
We're rolling out the
Red Carpet For You!
V.I.P. Treatment
All The Way..
Final Days to APPLY for
the minimum Buf deposit!

As experienced Bail Bond Agent's, we feel that MGA’s and INSURER’s should do more than just issue powers and paperwork.  

Surety 3 General Agency is excited to announce our new Services and Benefits and we want to celebrate with you!
"You’re going to love the way we do business and our benefits. I guarantee it.  if not, I will help you return to where you came from"  -Briggette Dowston, Co Founder

We are laying our cards on the table, why ? because we can,

We have a Royal Flush..


                     A Royal Flush..
This is the daddy of all hands and even if you play often, you will rarely see one. It's similar to a hole in one in golf.

We offer GPS Monitoring

Secure your Bonds with GPS Monitoring Think of it as an INSURANCE POLICY. Provides assurances against loss of a bond, costs of recovery and  the uncertainty and time consuming process of  liquidating equity in this troubled economy.