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About Surety 3 General Agency and  Our Services

Surety 3 General Agency LLC (S3GA) is a Florida Corporation  and is fast becoming one of the most trusted Surety Bail General Agencies in the nation, providing nationwide and international bonding services.


Surety 3 General Agency (S3GA) being Located in Jacksonville, FL. This allows us maximum flexibility to handle our Customer's / Surety Agent (s) needs. , we are licensed to serve your bonding needs throughout Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana and even the Dominican Republic. and coming soon the southeastern United States including Texas, Alabama, just to name a few.


Our client base consists of Surety Agencies and Companies, Managing Agents, and individual Bail Bondsmen. As a member of Surety 3 General Agency, Nationwide Bonding Network,  you can view your benefit……….Click Here






Surety 3 General Agency, LLC (S3GA) is dedicated to the continuous success and integrity of the surety bail industry. Providing strategic underwriting solutions, along with exceptional customer service and Benefits to our invaluable team of bail agent representatives, S3GA achieves results others believed to be impossible.

Built on the foundation of thinkers, out-of-the-box visionaries, with big ideas for the bail industry. Our primary objective is to help our agent's keep money in their pocket and overcome key challenges within Bail Bonding industry while ultimately achieving their business goals.


As a General Agency for Insurance Companies, S3GA provides unparalleled support and commercial bonds to agents, offering them large underwriting authorities, better than excellent commissions, independent bail software and next or same day service. Surety 3 General Agency, LLC prides itself on signing quality bail agent representatives and maintaining a knowledgeable team, thereby providing unparalleled support to the commercial bail industry.

 Customer service is our focus. We work on it every day, we are available 24/7. Customer satisfaction has always been a priority. 
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"You’ re going to love the way we do business and our benefits. I guarantee it.  If not, I will help you return to where you came from"  -Briggette Dowston, Co Founder

Discover Surety 3 a different kind of Managing General Agency.
We are More than Just a Managing General Agency, We are investing in our agents and their business..

No General Agency in Bail Offers More to Its Agents