Yes, it is said "you get what you pay for" So tell me, what are you getting from your MGA or insurer? You may like your MGA, he may be your friend, but in today's economy...  what benefits do you have working with your general manager, MGA and/or insurance company, are they investing in your company?

Surety 3 General Agency is a refreshing new concept in the Managing General Agent community, we are investing in our agents. Surety 3 General Agency was built on the foundation of thinkers, out-of-the-box visionaries, with big ideas for the bail industry.  As experienced Bail Bond Agents, we feel that MGA’s and INSURER’s should do more than just issue powers and paperwork. 


New Agents and Experience Agents applications are being accepted?



If you already have an existing relationship with a surety company and would like a secondary company come explore your options, you may be surprised to hear how flexible we can be to earn your business. There's no bond to big that you couldn't write with us.


Here's our benefits package that will help insure your future !!

Join our dynamic team of licensed agents and work with one of America's most recognized brands and get what you pay for!.


Saving for tomorrow starts today, and at Surety 3 we offer our agent or associates several ways to ensure their futures are bright. Our agents or associates can build wealth and secure a promising financial future. Review the savings......We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


Every general manager, MGA and/or insurance company are offering the same thing! Open all Holidays
Nationwide Transfer Bond Postings and Bond Support Service
Competitive Contract Terms, Conditions and Rates
Same day or 24 hours turn around service for Powers of Attorney
Free property searches for Agents (where available)
Free forms and documents
Free shipping within the continental U.S.
On-going Agent training and some offer Continuing Education

GPS Monitoring


We are investing in our agents by offering all the above, plus:


Continuing Education Tuition Reimbursement Program 

One of the most important and generous benefits a company can offer is tuition reimbursement

(No Charge to Agents)


Scholarship Program

The Surety 3 General Agency offers scholarship programs that benefit qualified Surety 3 agents and their Spouses, Domestic Partners and Eligible Children. Our scholarships are not available to the public (No Charge to Agents)


We offer Instant Powers

The program works via a web-based program that allows agents to receive their powers instantly through e-mail, eliminating the need for shipping and waiting time. (No Charge to Agents)


Marketing Strategy Guidance Department

Yes, we will start a marketing campaign for you we will list your business in over 30 sites and apps for free and you can use the event street team. We have thrived in one of the most competitive markets in the nation. We will lend our support and guide your marketing efforts.

(No Charge to Agents)


We offer better than competitive Rates and Contracts

We are offering: Name Your Own Rate, that’s right just like Priceline, you can Name Your Own Rate.

Do you know how much you could save by switching to SURETY 3?

You Could Save up to $5000  plus on POWER REPORTS


Bail Agent Software (Captira Analytical /Bail Books or any Bail Agent Software 

(No Charge to Agents) - That's $150 per mo. Saving =$1800 in your pocket. Per year.


shrinkable (Adjustable Rate) contracts

Welcome to the home of the Shrinking contract rates - an easy way to save and keep money in your pocket or purse.


Large Bond or Risky / High Risk Bail Bonds posting

Have you ever lost a large bond while waiting for a bond approval ? Some companies simply don't write large bonds or certain types of bail bonds such as federal bonds or high risk bonds. Our company represents a Nationwide Bonding Network of bail agents. If a bond is good or bad we will get it written fast. 

(No Charge to Agents)


Vacation or relaxing getaway    (No Charge to Agents)

If you want a no-hassle, relaxing getaway, whether you want a luxury, thrifty, family-friendly or kid-free vacation, week or weekend in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Disney (Orlando, Fl.). Surety 3 has three (3) Timeshare  options for our agents at NO CHARGE that's right NO CHARGE:


1. Timeshare house in the Dominican Republic with maid service and cook.

Two (2) Story house with Three bedrooms, 2 baths downstairs and two (2) one bedroom /one bath apartments upstairs


2. Timeshare house in theBahamas 8 bedrooms and 9 bathroom home with maid service.  

all at No Charge to our agents and family.. A Saving of $375 a day.


3. Disney Timeshare one bedroom /one bath Condo with maid service. On the property of Disney (Orlando, Fl.)


Risk Management and Loss Prevention (Tool Shed)

All Bail agents feel they are the best recovery agent or  have the best recovery agent Your fugitive recovery problems become our fugitive recovery solutions. You benefit from our extensive local and nationwide fugitive recovery contacts. We have a full time fugitive recovery administrator at your disposal. We help organize your fugitive recovery processes and paperwork. We provide hands on support and create backup systems to help tracks your fugitives and manage your risk..-(No Charge to Agents)



Below is a list of some of the services Risk Management and Loss Prevention provided: 

  • Unlimited Database Information Searches:  Full reports. No cost. Huge savings.
  • Credit Reports
  • Cell Phone Tracking: You give us the number, we’ll tell you where it is.
  • Nationwide Arrest Tracking: We monitor your forfeitures so that we know if they get arrested anywhere else in the country.  (No Charge to Agents)

Business and  Legal Counsel

In house legal Counsel for Surety 3 agents   (No Charge to Agents)


 Legal Counsel Assistance

 Legal assistance with bail forfeitures and motions   (No Charge to Agents)


Partnership to Ownership Program

A Work to own program is a unique agreement wherein an Agent agrees to work for a specified period of time, after which Surety 3 General Agency transfers the ownership of the bail bond agency to the agent.   (No Charge to Agents)


Immigration Bonds

Nationwide Immigration Bond posting. We can provide you and your client with Nationwide Immigration Bond posting to help you get and keep more money in your pocket.  (No Charge to Agents)


Defendant's Call In (check-in) Line

We have a Free dedicated Defendant Check-In line for daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins.

Your Client Leave his/her name, date of next court, along with any changes of address, employment or phone numbers; until his/her case has been disposed of.  (No Charge to Agents)


Cell Phone Tracking

If you need to track down a defendant cell phone that has failed to appear in court, you’ve come to the right place. 
(No Charge to Agents)







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"You’ re going to love the way we do business and our benefits. I guarantee it.  If not, I will help you return to where you came from"  -Briggette Dowston, Co Founder

Surety 3 Contract Rate Guarantee
At Surety 3 we are confident that our rates will be the lowest. If you find any equivalent service cheaper at another surety, we will match the rate or beat it. On an identical services at any General Agency and/or Insurer.
Simply let us know when you are applying or during the recruitment period.
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Working with Surety 3 General Agency we appreciates your loyalty. And in return, we like to treat you as a VIP. We have two levels of VIP treatment, Family Members and Associate membership. Of course, Family Members, gets more exclusive treatment and benefits. Our Associate membership level has minimum benefits. But you'll see it only gets better and better when you upgrade to Family Members.