How to Start a Bail Bonds Company
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A bail bonding business can be a profitable business in any community. It is not an easy one to run, but some people just seem to have a knack for it. You have to be familiar with criminal process procedures, and be a good judge of character, writing bail bondsfor those people who are less of a flight risk. You also need to have the financial backing to cover any losses if one of your bonds skips town. Insurance companies will cover you once, but might not take that risk again

1. Learn your state criminal process procedures and get some training or education in bail bonding. A law enforcement and/or criminal background will be a good way to start. Click Here

2. Contact your state's Department of Insurance and/or Bail Bonds Associations ask them what classes and exams you have to take to get your bail bond license.     (Department of Insurance) Click Here  (Bail Bonds Associations)  


3. Take the required exams for your state's bail bond license, and be sure you pass all the qualifications. In addition, most states require a bail bondsman be free of criminal convictions for a set number of years, and have no felonies that display an immoral character.


4. Submit your application for a bail bond license, this is called an Initial Producer Application. This can be found on your own state's governmental website   

5. Get a contract with a surety company.  A surety company is an insurance company. It provides financial support and backing to the bail agent and certifies to the courts that funds are available to pay the full bail amount if the defendant doesn't show. The courts view the surety company as the ultimate source of payment, because the surety company issues the actual bail bond.

6. Set up your shop. Starting a bail bond business can be fun, exciting and complicated just like any other business.



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