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We are More than Just a Managing General Agency
You have a state / federal bond or high risk bonds, you or your insurer don't want it.... Stop... do not said "NO". Call us and we'll pay you 3% of the face amount of the bond and/or split the bond 50/50 down the middle with the agent when we write it. And remember, Surety 3 General Agency will assume 100% of the bond liability you have NO liability. Zip. None Call 1-800-691-2356

Transfer Bonds involve writing a bond in one jurisdiction while coordinating and securing the Defendant's release in another jurisdiction. Example: If you are a professional Bail Bond agent that write in your State or County and want to secure a person's release in another State or County you can call us at Surety 3 and we will have that person release in another jurisdiction.
Personal Surety Agent - Professional Bondsman or Professional Bail Agent
Come explore your options with us "SURETY 3" , you may be surprised to hear how flexible we can be to earn your business. There's no bond to big or risky that you couldn't write with us.

Three (3) Options
1. No liability Bonding - Surety 3 General Agency will assume 100% of the bond liability.
2. Split the liability Bonding - Split the bond 50/50 down the middle with the agent.
3. Liability Bonding - You will assume 100% of the bond liability.
The main purpose of Surety 3 is to connect agents and customers to buy the various services you offer. In a way, Surety 3 are sort of like e-Harmony or LinkedIn, but on a bonding level.

 Bail Agents licenses, BAIL ENFORCEMENT, Producers licenses or Property & Casualty license needed to receive commissions. Call Rod Dowston @1-800-691-2356

We are investing in our agents by offering:

Continuing Education Tuition Reimbursement Program
Scholarship Program

Shrinkable (Adjustable Rate) contracts Rates

Risky Bail Bonds or High Risk Bail Bonds posting

How to Start a Bonding Business

We Buy your Bonds

Immigration Bonds

Transfer bonds

Cell phone tracking

Large Bond Approval
Timeshare house in MIAMI, FL.

Timeshare house in the Dominican Republic
and the Bahamas with maid service.

Disney Timeshare with maid service.

Captira Analytical (Bail Agent Software) complimentary

Risk Management and Loss Prevention

Marketing Strategy and Support

Underwriting Training

Business and Legal Counsel

Legal assistance with bail forfeitures and motions

and more!

The Bottom Line
"Surety 3 General Agency (Nationwide Bonding Network) as your Secondary Surety are certainly for everyone, Surety 3 two into one program is a very interesting development and is helping reshape the way Personal Surety Agent - Professional Bondsman or Professional Bail and/or companies prepare for their future".