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Bail Fees, Laws and Resources By State

Surety 3 General Agency (S3GA) being Located in Jacksonville, FL. This allows us maximum flexibility to handle our Customer's / Surety Agent (s) needs. , we are licensed to serve your bonding needs throughout Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and even the Dominican Republic. and coming soon the southeastern United States including Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana,Pennsylvania and Connecticut just to name a few.


You asked what fees other states allow bail bondsman to charge on bonds and laws?


We compiled information on all states based on a search of statutes and contacting state agencies. We found some states where a statute or rule sets the laws on bonding and recovery, fee or a fee range. Of these see below

We found four states (Illinois,Kentucky, Oregon, and Wisconsin) that do not have commercial bail bondsmen and five states (Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, andOklahoma) that do not regulate fees.

In five states (including Oklahoma), we found information on fees typically charged by bondsmen which indicates that fees are usually around 10%.