Surety 3 General Agency is looking for one Bail Agent and/or Producer or Professional Bail Agents in your county that wants to write transfer bonds for Surety 3 General Agency (Nationwide Bonding Network) and make extra money.


Surety 3 we are not asking you to leave your surety company or switch to Surety 3, we are only asking for posting agents in your county, but if you wish to compare us with your surety company or general agency, please compare our services by clicking on compare us to the competition at the bottom.


Join our dynamic team of licensed agents / Producers and work with one of America's most recognized brands.


In case you are willing to assist Surety 3 General Agency with transfer bonds, please click on the TRANSFER BOND APPLICATION at the bottom and follow the directions and get in touch with us at your earliest convenience so I can provide details to you.  Here are some of the Better Benefits you will get writing transfer bonds for Surety 3 General Agency (Nationwide Bonding Network);


Surety3 General Agency Transfer Bonds Department

We can help you with transfer bonds if needed when an individual is incarcerated outside of your hometown or county in which you are licensed and/or appointed. Surety 3 General Agency, through its surety companies and affiliations with other sureties, can get your transfer bond posted anywhere in the country and some international countries.


We offer Instant Powers

The program works via a web-based program that allows agents to receive their powers instantly through

e-mail, eliminating the need for shipping and waiting time. (No Charge to Agents)


We offer better than competitive Rates and Contracts

We are offering:Name Your Own Rate, thatís right just like Priceline, you can Name Your Own Rate.


Marketing Strategy Department

Yes, we will Start a marketing campaign for you. We have thrived in one of the most competitive markets in the nation. We will lend our support and guide your marketing efforts. Surety 3 General Agency will list your business in over 30 sites and apps for free. Thatís right for free, NO CHARGEÖThis is just one of the BENEFITS that we provide to you, our agents. (No Charge to Agents)


Bail Agent Software (Captira Analytical /Bail Books or any Bail Agent Software 

Manage your bail bond agency from any computer equipped with a web browser and an internet connection -

No Charge 


Vacation or relaxing getaway  (No Charge to Agents)

If you want a no-hassle, relaxing getaway, whether you want a luxury, thrifty, family-friendly or kid-free vacation, week or weekend in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Disney (Orlando, Fl.). Surety 3 has three (3) Timeshare options for our agents at NO CHARGE that's right NO CHARGE:


Risk Management and Loss Prevention (Tool Shed)

We have a full time fugitive recovery administrator at your disposal. We help organize your fugitive recovery processes and paperwork. We provide hands on support and create backup systems to help tracks your fugitives and manage your risk..Nationwide Arrest Tracking for All your Forfeitures, Cell Phone Tracking, Credit Reports, Unlimited Database Information Searches and much more.-No Charge


We offer GPS Monitoring

Secure your Bonds with GPS Monitoring Think of it as an INSURANCE POLICY. Provides assurances against loss of a bond, costs of recovery and  the uncertainty and time consuming process of  liquidating equity in this troubled economy.


Surety 3 General Agency (Nationwide Bonding Network) as your Secondary Surety.

If you would like to use Surety 3 General Agency as your Secondary or Primary Surety, you can Name Your Own Contract Rate, thatís right just like Priceline, you can Name Your Own Contract Rate. Come explore your options with us "SURETY 3" you may be surprised to hear how flexible we can be to earn your business.


Surety 3 General Agency is looking for just one agent to write Transfer Bonds in your County!
Are you that agent?
"Youíre going to love the way we do business and our benefits. I guarantee it.  If not, I will help you return to where you came from"  -Briggette Dowston, Co Founder

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Opportunity Knocks but once!
Transfer Bonds involve writing a bond in one jurisdiction while coordinating and securing the Defendant's release in another jurisdiction.  Example:  If you are a professional Bail Bond agent that write in your State or County and want to secure a person's release in another State or County you can call us at Surety 3 and we will have that person release in another jurisdiction.
Come and discover Surety 3 General Agency a different kind of Managing General Agency. We are More than Just a Managing General Agency, We are investing in our agents and their business..No General Agency in Bail Offers More to Its Agents