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Temporary Bail Bond Agent

                                An aspiring Florida bail bond agent must first be licensed as a "Temporary Bail Bond Agent," also known as a "Temporary Resident Limited Surety Agent." Someone who holds a temporary license must work for, and under the supervision of, a fully licensed bail bond agent, and is not permitted to actually execute or deliver bonds.

To be issued this license, a person must be of good moral character, have never been convicted of a serious crime, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and be employed by a bail bond agency. In addition, she will need to complete both a 120-hour Florida-approved classroom certification course as well as a correspondence course. Attorneys, judges, magistrates and law enforcement officers are not permitted to be licensed as bail bond agents in the state of Florida.

Temporary Bail Bond Agent, and must hold this license for at least a year. She/he must also have worked full-time as a Temporary Bail Bond Agent (at least 1,540 hours) over a 12-month period. A bail bond agent is required to maintain an office where records are kept and this office must be open for business during "reasonable" hours.

 Classroom Training

                                Florida law (F.S. 648.355) requires 120 hours of classroom instruction with a passing grade of 80 percent or higher. This is usually a three-week course covering laws and rules of the bail bond industry. The instruction must come from a provider approved by the Florida Department of Insurance. The cost for the course is approximately $500 - $600.


Insurance Training

                                In addition to the required classroom hours, a correspondence course on insurance and bonds is also required. The University of Florida class "INS 3 - Bail & Bail Bond Insurance in Florida" meets this requirement. The 120 hours of training and the insurance correspondence course must have been completed within the four years prior to submitting an application for a temporary bail bondsman license.


Temporary License

                                After completing the training described above, you must obtain employment with a licensed bail bond agent or insurance company, who must submit an affidavit attesting to your integrity and moral character. This must be attached to your application for a temporary bail bond agent license along with similar statements by at least three reputable citizens residing in the counties where you will work. The temporary bail bond license is valid for up to 18 months. During this time, you must work 30 hours per week for a cumulative total of 52 weeks, while submitting a record of your hours worked to the Department of Financial Services on Form DFS-H2-1543.


Final Testing

                                Only after completing the necessary training and one-year internship period under a licensed bail bondsman can you be eligible to sit for the final exam. Upon request, the Department of Financial Services will provide you with an authorization notice that will allow you to schedule and take the exam. Appointment as a licensed bail bondsman can occur after you pass the exam, a thorough background check and any other reasonable inquiries made by the state.

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