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Two into One Program


    Come explore your options with us "SURETY 3" , you may be surprised to hear how flexible we can be to earn your business. There's no bond to big or risky that you couldn't write with us.

   You may like your MGA, he may be your friend, you may be comfortable and content, you may already have an existing relationship with your surety company and/or  would like a secondary Surety Agent to double your writing ability. As experienced Bail Bond Agent's, we feel that MGA’s and INSURER’s should do more than just issue powers and paperwork. 


   Owners of a company are the people who care most about the company's behavior and financial performance. The term is not synonymous with bonding customers. Surety Agencies and/or Insurance Companies typically are broken into two parts — primary and secondary. Understanding why secondary Surety Agencies are important to a company can help you better deal with this key group of individuals.


Three (3) Options


1.    No liability Bonding - Surety 3 General Agency will assume 100% of the bond liability. 


2.    Split the liability Bonding - Split the bond 50/50 down the middle with the agent. 


3.    Liability Bonding - You will assume 100% of the bond liability.



The main purpose of Surety 3 is to connect agents and customers to buy the various services you offer. In a way, Surety 3 are sort of like e-Harmony or LinkedIn, but on a bonding level.


The Bottom Line

Surety 3 General Agency (Nationwide Bonding Network) as your Secondary Surety are certainly for everyone, Surety 3 two into one program is a very interesting development and is helping reshape the way Surety Agents and/or companies prepare for their future.


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We offer GPS Monitoring

Secure your Bonds with GPS Monitoring Think of it as an INSURANCE POLICY. Provides assurances against loss of a bond, costs of recovery and  the uncertainty and time consuming process of  liquidating equity in this troubled economy.


Come and discover Surety 3 a different kind of Managing General Agency.  We are More than Just a Managing General Agency, We are investing in our agents and their business..No General Agency in Bail Offers More to Its Agents