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Bail and Recovery Training
Surety 3 General Agency * 1-800-691-2356
Learn how to use Surety 3 University Bail and Recovery trainers from our free online training resources including quick video tutorials and self-guided eLearning courses
Attend a live training class to apply best practices with our experts
If you have a team or other Palmetto agents of 5-10 people who can benefit from this training, work with us to tailor a curriculum to your team's needs and collaborate directly with one of Surety 3 University Bail and Recovery trainers world-class instructors in the privacy of your location. Onsite training enables everyone to stay on-task, avoid fatigue, and collaborate in a familar environment. You also save the costs associated with lost productivity, travel expenses, and jet lag.
We will send our Surety 3 experts to you, at the location of your choice, and provide custom training for your team.
Self Paced Training
Attend a live training class to apply best practices with our expert Surety 3 University Bail and Recovery trainers.
Surety 3 trainers offers our agents Essentials training for new and existing agents. Build competence and confidence working with Surety 3 through live, hands-on training with one of our expert trainers. This class is designed for new or experience agents responsible for their bail bond office Fugitive Recovery.
Discover a different kind of Managing General Agency. We're More than Just Managing General Agency. We believe in investing in our agents and there bail bonds business.

Our training and consulting team consists of top talent trainers, facilitators and consultants whose focus is to provide the best live training classes and workshops and transformational coaching and consulting in the industry.
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Target Audience
Palmetto Surety appointed agents who are already familiar with fugitive recovery. Attendees must understand these topics at a fundamental level before considering this class.
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