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At Surety 3  General Agency we are confident that our rates will be the lowest. If you find a cheaper rate at another surety, we will match the rate or beat it.


       Frances Moore and Briggette Dowston is the Co-founder of Surety 3. They are proud mothers, wife and a wonderful Grand-mom's. They enjoys spending time with their family and listening to music, traveling and motorcycling across the country.   They both decided to study Bail Bonding and interned at Parham Bail Bonds in Miami, Fl. After there internship they worked at I See No Problem Bail Bonds under Rod Dowston (Co-founder of  NINPO Surety and past MGA), before opening No Hassle and No Fault Bail Bonds.


       Surety 3 started in Jacksonville, Fla. and was built on the foundation of thinkers, out-of-the-box visionaries, with big ideas and a refreshing new concept in the Managing General Agent community and we have had steady growth ever since.


In the years we have been in business we have grown Surety 3 General Agency into one of the largest Bail Bond General Agencies in Florida. Surety 3 General Agency  have joined a large nationwide network of Independent agents to help post bonds across the United States, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. We have always goes that extra mile to help clients in their particular situation.


     As experienced Bail Bond Agent's, we feel that MGA’s and INSURER’s should do more than just issue powers and paperwork. .


What should I look for when choosing surety representation?


When choosing surety representation, it is important to look at two factors: the contract rate and the value-added benefits. Essentially, how much will you be paying, and what will the surety or general agent do for you?


     Being a teenager is often a confusing, challenging time, which can make teens vulnerable to falling into a destructive pattern of crime and drug use. While most teens probably see their criminal activity and drug use as a casual way to have fun.



After I researched the Gangs, truancy, youth violence, drugs and other delinquent acts of youth I developed a teen after school Enrichment program.


Join me in helping kids stay out of jails and prisons and prepare for life!

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"You’ re going to love the way we do business and our benefits. I guarantee it.  If not, I will help you return to where you came from"  -Briggette Dowston, Co Founder