How to become a licensed bail agent
Not Licensed Yet? Are You Interested in Becoming a Bail Agent ?

If you are not yet a licensed bail agent but would like information on how to go about getting a license, here you are!  "Click Here"


Before you begin the process of becoming a licensed Surety agent, you must first determine if you are qualified. 
To review the qualifications and licensing information for this license,Click Here or call the Florida Department of Financial Services at 850/413-3137 ext. 1101.:

There are five basic steps to becoming a licensed surety agent in Florida; (1) take an approved 120-hour course, (2) take an approved correspondence course, (3) submit an application for temporary agent license and undergo a background check, (4) complete a one-year internship under a licensed bail agent and, (5) pass a final exam given by the state Department of Financial Services.

Before you begin the process to become a licensed bail agent, you must first determine if you are qualified. To review the Qualifications and Licensing information for this license, call the Florida Department of Financial Services at 850/413-3137 ext. 1101.

Once you have determined that you meet the qualifications for licensure, then you must take the following steps for licensure:

Step 1. Successfully complete a state-approved 120-hour basic certification course.

Step 2. Successfully complete the state-approved correspondence course for bail bond agents. Cost: $300.00. Call the University of Florida at 352/392-1711 or 800/327-4218 and ask for information on INS 3 - Bail & Bail Bond Insurance in Florida

 All applicants who want to become bail bondsmen must be licensed by the Department of Insurance in your state(Department of Insurance)


Schools in Florida 

Florida Bail Bond Academy

Florida Bail Bond Academy classroom in Jacksonville. ...

625-4 Cassat Ave. Jacksonville, Fl. 32205 (904) 677-5113

* COST: $500  For information: Call  (904) 677-5113

* Florida Bail Bond Academy offers a bail bond certification course every 2 months in Jacksonville, Fl. 



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